Dual Stage Filtration System

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WHED20 Whirlpool Dual Stage Filtration System

Dual Stage Filtration System

The Whirlpool® Dual Stage system provides fresh, clear water right from your kitchen sink.

High Quality Filtration

Reduces sediment, chlorine taste & odor, cysts, lead, MTBE and Volatile Organic Contaminants (VOCs). Designed for municipal and private well water supplies.

EZ-Change™ Indicator Light

The EZ-Change™ indicator light tells you when to replace filters.

Easy Installation

Comes complete with decorative faucet, filters, and hardware, and fits neatly under the kitchen sink.

No Hassle Filter Replacement

Whirlpool® UltraEase™ Filters can be changed in seconds with a quarter turn - no hassles, no mess. A 6-month filter life means you only have to replace them twice a year.

Product Dimensions

  • D 4 1/2 in.
  • W 14 in.
  • H 13 1/2 in.

Dimensions are for planning purposes only. For complete information, visit owner center.

  • Whirlpool® 2-Pack Under Sink Water Filters

    Model: WHEEDF

    Lowes Item: 129795

    • UltraEase™ replacement filters for WHED20 dual stage drinking water system
    • Includes replacement battery for EZ-Change™ indicator light
    • UltraEase™ filters change in seconds with no hassles, no mess
    • 6 month filter life
    • NSF certified